Busan, day 8

Busan is truly beautiful! The city is a lot calmer, and there’s sea surrounding it from side to side, which makes it for quite idyllic landscapes. The beaches were simply stunning! We had the chance to stay at a hostel tucked away from the city, but with kind of our own private beach and quietude, which was absolutely what we needed for some rest.


Full of colour and history, South Korea is just beautiful! There’s art everywhere, and its own aesthetics carry a strong feeling of a somewhat sensitive nature, I cannot quite explain… There’s a massive contrast between old and modern in every corner; massive buildings surround the ancient palaces and temples spread all over the city. The nights never feel lonely; neon lights light up everywhere and the streets are constantly alive. There’s so much to see, and so much great food to taste… I felt like my time there was not even enough to do/try it all. I visited around the time the leaves were about to change colour, which made it all even more beautiful!

I can’t forget to mention the people… Everybody is so kind, and I was lucky enough to constantly be surrounded by this kindness during my time in Korea

Gamcheon Culture Village

just like a dream

entering Taejongdae park at Sunset time

the amazing fish market/restaurant at the bottom of the cliffs

v for victory



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