Porto – part 1

Porto, Porto, Porto… How I know you so well!


This year was probably the year in which I enjoyed, more than ever, being home and surrounded by family and the best friend. It’s been a long time since I moved out of this city, yet everything remains so familiar – as expected from the place that saw me grow.

Este ano foi provavelmente o ano em que mais apreciei o estar de volta a casa, rodeada da família e da melhor amiga. Já passou tanto tempo desde que deixei esta cidade para trás, no entanto tudo é ainda tão familiar – como seria de esperar da cidade que me viu nascer.

long walks with the family

architecture styles
constantly waking up to foggy mornings, only for the sun to shine brighter than ever a few hours later

the city of beautiful degradation

and finding hidden and lovely places for a cup of coffee

and the sea… the sea…

all photos taken with the iPhone 6 – no camera this time