Gyeongju, day 10

We took a day trip to Gyeongju and I must say it was one of my favourite places I have visited. It is a beautiful historical place, strongly punctuated with Buddhist ancient ruins here and there. It was nice to take a day away from the big city and spend it in the middle of nature. The day was warm and I remember hearing the cicadas; it had been a long time since I last heard their sound, last time being in my childhood.

I wish I had have more time to visit it properly as there was more to see, but the night quickly crept in and so we had to go back to our Busan hostel and pack everything to return to Seoul the next day.


Full of colour and history, South Korea is just beautiful! There’s art everywhere, and its own aesthetics carry a strong feeling of a somewhat sensitive nature, I cannot quite explain… There’s a massive contrast between old and modern in every corner; massive buildings surround the ancient palaces and temples spread all over the city. The nights never feel lonely; neon lights light up everywhere and the streets are constantly alive. There’s so much to see, and so much great food to taste… I felt like my time there was not even enough to do/try it all. I visited around the time the leaves were about to change colour, which made it all even more beautiful!

I can’t forget to mention the people… Everybody is so kind, and I was lucky enough to constantly be surrounded by this kindness during my time in Korea


Autumn was also slowly taking over the leaves

Bulguksa Temple



gravity defying ‘sculptures’

I liked how the light passed through the leaves, and so I took this photo


Anapji by night: truly beautiful!





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