Chino Moreno

Apart from his voice and the fact he has a lot of projects going on, I think what always got my attention the most was the way he writes his lyrics. There is something quite emotional and dark about them, and yet they are still beautiful!!
So here are some of the reasons why Chino is possibly my favourite singer and song writer:

As the moon ascends
The wolves come out to see the end
They hide from view and wait
To watch the ghost inside you come awake

It’s a strange day
The roses are in bloom
But in a strange way
I know somehow we’re doomed

So God bless you all
For the song you saved us, oh
For the hearts you break, every time you moan
And God bless you all on the earth!


And my two ultimate favourite ones:

No more gold lights for the queen earth to keep you warm in your kingdoms.
High on the waves you make for us, but not since you left have the waves come.
The bar is dead and the rocket’s rain is keeping you wet in your deathbed,
so high on the waves you made for us
And not since you left have the waves come… have the waves come…


(This man is an underrated genius!)


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