2012 Project (January – February)

After an extremely enjoyable project last year, I’m continuing to document daily life with a bunch of disposable cameras.

It’s been interesting to use these cameras, especially me being so used to the weight and ‘complexity’ of the digital SRL. It’s literally to point and shoot and there isn’t a pressure to be aesthetically perfect – well, beauty also lies in imperfection. I do like that blurry and grainy aspect so characteristic of film, there’s a certain nostalgia to it; and I definitely enjoy the idea of being able to easily document all of those details and moments I wouldn’t usually photograph.


MTV Brand New Party

London skies

year of the Dragon


the usual bus stop
white blanket

and the lake slowly froze as the silence grew louder.

2 thoughts on “2012 Project (January – February)

  1. I am so happy you’ve continued your project. 🙂 I love all of them. Those pics of your garden covered with snow are my favourites. Whenever I see them I can’t stop thinking about this song:

    (I could not remember the name of the song and the name of the band so I had to do some research and it took me half an hour to find it.LOL).

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