2011 project ( October to November )

I decided to try something different and, after moving to London, I bought a disposable camera and started to photograph bits and pieces of daily life. It’s been interesting to use one of these cameras, especially me being so used to the weight and ‘complexity’ of the digital SRL. It’s literally to point and shoot and there isn’t a pressure to be aesthetically perfect – well, beauty also lies in imperfection. I do like that blurry and grainy aspect so characteristic of film, there’s a certain nostalgia to it; and I definitely enjoy the idea of being able to easily document all of those details and moments I wouldn’t usually photograph.

Vanessa in London.

the day when Steve Jobs died. scene outside a London Apple store.
one of the most enjoyable photo shoots I have done to date.
Kelly at the 1883 magazine launch party

the lovely Chris.
another fantastic team I've worked with.
what are you plotting, Aaron?
Izzy getting ready for Incubus gig at Alexandra Palace.

James vs L. da Vinci

to be continued...

One thought on “2011 project ( October to November )

  1. Didi! Eu já tenho imensas saudades tuas! Agora depois de ver estas fotos ainda fiquei com mais!! Ficaram tão lindas! (Isto comprova o talento da fotografa porque são as melhores fotografias que alguém me tirou!)

    Miss you soo much! ❤

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