2011 project ( July )

I decided to try something different and, after moving to London, I bought a disposable camera and started to photograph bits and pieces of daily life. It’s been interesting to use one of these cameras, especially me being so used to the weight and ‘complexity’ of the digital SRL. It’s literally to point and shoot and there isn’t a pressure to be aesthetically perfect – well, beauty also lies in imperfection. I do like that blurry and grainy aspect so characteristic of film, there’s a certain nostalgia to it; and I definitely enjoy the idea of being able to easily document all of those details and moments I wouldn’t usually photograph.

–  and eventually I continued this project during the 3 weeks I have spent away in Portugal.

follow the water canals, they will show you the wonders of the sleeping city.
follow the streets, they will show you the wonders of the awaking city.
the silent garden.

the silent paradise.

through the old streets.

a portrait of Flávia.

impressionism of the quiet moments.

last days of a festival.
a portrait of Ana.

my little spot by the sea.
semi-portrait of my dad.

a portrait of Débora.
I dislike goodbyes...

One thought on “2011 project ( July )

  1. *crying happy tears* You know how much I love these-especially the “impressionism of the quiet moments.” and “my little spot by the sea.”

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