2011 project (March to April)

I decided to try something different and, after moving to London, I bought a disposable camera and started to photograph bits and pieces of daily life. It’s been interesting to use one of these cameras, especially me being so used to the weight and ‘complexity’ of the digital SRL. It’s literally to point and shoot and there isn’t a pressure to be aesthetically perfect – well, beauty also lies in imperfection. I do like that blurry and grainy aspect so characteristic of film, there’s a certain nostalgia to it; and I definitely enjoy the idea of being able to easily document all of those details and moments I wouldn’t usually photograph.

a funny day with Jordon in Oxford Street
the visitor
a walk through London with Amy
are those royal bagpipes near the Big Ben?
I have an obsession with taking photos in my garden
the housies
early start! this photo proves that I might be a workaholic
another Sunday photowalk
the landscape
Chinatown is becoming another obsession of mine
the lovely team for one of my photo shoots in Covent Garden
I finally saw the bridge open; twice in a day. they say it brings luck... or maybe not. who knows...
lookbook photoshoot team photographed as the daylight slowly faded away
Izzy comes to London
expensive galleries
Izzy vs Ice Cream. she won!
James, one of the nicest guys I know
Camden market maze
a night out with the birthday girl
it's definitely time for barbecues in the garden

January to March: click here to see the photos


5 thoughts on “2011 project (March to April)

  1. I really love all of these! I keep looking at the shadows on the first picture. There is something symbolic in them.
    The picture of the Chinatown and Izzy in London are my favourites. The colours are so vivid… I can almost hear the sounds of people talking and shouting, the noise in the background, the sound of car wheels… Awesome!
    And the cat owns the post, of course. Looking smug, Mr Gray. 😀

    1. Thank you for your comment. Such a good one. It’s really interesting to know you noticed the shadows on the first photo. You have a good eye.
      And that cat owns our garden hehe.

      1. You’re welcome. The shadows remind me of the people who have walked the same road years ago and of the people that are yet to come.

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