abstract reminiscences

I’d like to dedicate this post to a friend of mine, Luís.  He is the person who always knows what to say to me and always has an answer to all my ‘philosophical’ questions. We saw  each other grow in the past half decade, since our late teenage years until today. It’s amazing to look back and talk about who we were and who we are now , and it’s quite rewarding to be able to share this with someone. We’re definitely not the same people we were when we met, now we are proudly more mature and with a different perspective of life. And so many things have changed, oh yes, how they’ve changed… Now we are young adults looking for our place in the world. I wish you all the best in this life, Luís. And let’s make it a decade!

During the past year, when I was finishing my degree, I stayed in a student accommodation on the last floor, the 5th floor. For 12 months, I was in love with the views from my window, and I often took photos of the different seasons passing by and of the beautiful sunsets. The morning was – and still is – definitely my favorite part of the day. I love its characteristic stillness and how the city seems to slowly awake from a deep slumber.

Yesterday Luís asked me if he could get one of the photos I had taken through that window, he wanted to set it up as his desktop background. I had forgotten all about these photos, and it was great to be reminded of them. And the two of us discussed a lot of things related, from what they mean to me to what they could possibly mean to him. What I try to do with my photography is to make people see a little bit of who I am, to ‘feel‘ a bit of what I feel when I capture an image . Every photo has a story behind, a reason why it was taken, no matter how simple it is. And I know now some people will appreciate it. So, thank you Luís!

Here’s a couple of photos taken from that window:

Part 2 coming soon (maybe)