The Book of Disquiet

Tedium is not the disease of being bored because there is nothing to do but the more serious disease of feeling that there is nothing worth doing. This means that the more there is to do, the more tedium one will feel.

I came across this when reading a book from one of my favorite poets/writers, and all I could think was: damn, he easily put into words what it took me years to try to describe, but I was never able to….

Regarding the photo itself, it’s a HDR and a collaboration between me and Jan Valendin; Due to the fact it was very windy that day, when putting together all the 3 different photos that compose this one, the result looked like a painting due to the movement of the leaves.

It turned out to be perfect; it adds the diluted effect to go along with the same ‘diluted feeling’.


4 thoughts on “The Book of Disquiet

    1. I also have another similar version of this photo without it being a HDR. Thank you.
      I will soon upload the blog with your photos, when I have some more free time. Also, you could create an account on flickr, or even create your own blog where you could show your photos. I like them 🙂 x

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